For the last three years I have been a victim of my handbag.  My Mummy bag to be exact.  I have carted around bottles and sippy cups and plastic pots filled with weird flavoured rice cakes. I have repeatedly lost my debit card inbetween layers of nappy sacks, only to find them glued together thanks to a half chewed ginger bread man.

I have had huge bags (like fucking suitecases), I have tried two bags. I tried taking less stuff out with us but that always back fired. Why is it that when you don’t have the change of clothes, they manage to shit themselves or chuck an entire bowl of pasta in their lap?

But now my friends, I’m saying no more!

No longer will my sunglasses be smeared in bum rash cream!

No longer will my toddlers snotty tissues be stuck to my phone screen!

No longer will I carry around anybodies crap – but my own!

No more Mummy Bag! No more Mummy Bag!

So with Black Friday coming up, I’d like to buy myself a little present. Well it might be little, or it might be big or it might be somewhere in between. It might be blue or brown or bright bloody red, but it wont be a Mummy Bag. It will be a Sarah Bag, and it will be fabulous!

What do you think?

Rocco Tote


Radley Tan Tote
Michael Kors AVA Clutch



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Say No To The Mummy Bag

One thought on “Say No To The Mummy Bag

  • December 1, 2016 at 9:11 pm

    Smidge jel while my beloved Biba gets chewed for fun!


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