Looking through all the photos I’ve taken has made me realise what a busy month we’ve had! Summer really is the best time of the year, there’s so much fun you can have, so much you can do for relatively little money – just because you can be outside!


We’re lucky that we’re not far from the coast, just over an hour’s drive in several different directions will get us to a variety of lovely South East Sea sides. Our favourites though are definitely Hastings or Camber Sands way. I personally really love Whitstable because I’m all about the fish market and the cupcake shop! But it’s not really Finley friendly as it’s not a sandy beach for splashing, although he does like to see the boats.

Anyway here’s what we’ve been up to…

London Calling

 At the beginning of the month we took a nursery day off together to do something just the two of us. We do this every now and then and its really nice because its just us, no work stress and no nappies or nap schedules. We choose to do something we couldn’t do with Finley like go to the cinema or like this time go trawling around London seeing the sights. I honestly had so much fun, I was such an annoying tourist, taking photos of every little thing and I’m sure my husband was doing his best to humour me at least 50% of the time. I even found the train and tube journeys exciting.  In my defence I think I was marvelling just as much at myself as I was about the tourist attractions. This was something that a few years ago I just wouldn’t have been able to do. I wouldn’t go to London, I wouldn’t get on a train and heaven forbid a tube train underground with all those people. In fact I would do everything in my power to avoid ever being in a situation like this one and yet I planned this day out and most importantly I had a great time. I let myself have a great time. But anyway I digress …


So we chose a few typical Tourist Spots, grabbed some lunch and then did a couple of the free museums. I’d say all in all including trains tickets (we went off peak and drove 3 stations up saving us over 20 quid) the day cost us £60 – including a couple of sneaky lagers! We also bought back some space food from the Science Museum for the kiddo.









Choo Choos!

On a sunny Monday we took Finley with my parents on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway. We travelled along from Hythe to Dymchurch about 15 mins each way and he loved it. We took a picnic onto the sandy beach, went to the Funfair and played in the amusements. The weather was brilliant.
+Romney Hythe And Dymchurch Railway








Another Sunny Day, another Sunny Beach

One weekend we found ourselves in Bexhill, which is 10/15 mins from Hastings. I’ve never been there before and it really was a lovely little find. Free parking (and plenty of it), lovely beach side gardens and promenade. There’s nothing much there besides an ice cream stand and the beach but its perfect if you just want to paddle and splash and build sand castles. The best part though was the Helicopter, Finley thinks its the one from Thomas the Tank Engine and still asks to see the pictures of ‘arol of my phone!








After Bexhill we popped along to Hastings to use up some tokens from earlier in the year. We also took some chips up on the cliffs – I love it up there. I can’t wait till Finley’s old enough and we can take him to the Smugglers Caves.

Other Stuff 


We were lucky enough to attend a screening of Land Girls hosted by the Director David Leland. I’ve always loved this film, its so British!


My sister found her wedding dress and we drove like lunatics into to London to get the last one. Its gorgeous and that’s all I’m allowed to say about it!


We made the invitations for Finley’s 2nd birthday. Its a Gruffalo party because he is obsessed, I am so excited.


New bike joy at Nanny and Granddads House


One weekend we actually had to get our wellies out. We jumped in muddy puddles just like ‘eppa and org ig’.


We visited Daddy at work and “drove his tractor”.


Month Round Up #July

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