1. Leave the House

I know this sounds flipping obvious but I often felt like this was the last thing in the world I wanted to do and yet every time I did I felt a million times better. Being inside for too long just magnifies everything, you look around and see all the shit that needs picking up, cleaning, tidying and you start to lose your mind. Even if you don’t have a reason or a particular place to be ,go out, get out anywhere at anytime, just leave the house. Who cares if you’re not wearing make up or if you haven’t brushed your hair in three days? Chuck on some clothes, if you haven’t done any washing yet this week, chuck on yesterdays clothes it doesn’t matter just get the fuck out of that house.
Honestly a little walk or sitting on a park bench with a Mars bar can change everything.

2. Know the Value of the Boxset
Invest in a few boxsets or better yet Netflix and record anything that even vaguely interests you.
There’s two types of TV you need here, first the stuff you love, for me this was Greys Anatomy (my ML was pre-Derek-Drama, thank god!), The Walking Dead and  Downton Abbey (weird combination I know).
These were my ‘keep me going programmes’ at any time of day or night. The ones I would watch to enjoy and have just ten freaking minutes of peace before the baby woke up again.
Then you need your ‘brain numbing’ programmes. Your background noise TV, the ones you’re not that into and if you can’t follow it for longer than 5 minutes it doesn’t matter. Honestly the shit I watched whilst I was on maternity leave was immense. Typically for me, these were Location, Location, Location (never watched it before or since!), Come Dine with Me, Eastenders and every reality TV show under the Sun!

3. Do the Food Shop at Night
Go food shopping on your own, without the baby, at night. Seriously sometimes this was the highlight of my day, I know that sounds ridiculous but when you’ve had one of those exhausting, scream into a pillow kind of days, the beauty of an empty supermarket at 9pm can really sort you out. Shops at night are so quiet, I could just wander around in a silent, blissful daze shopping like I was a normal person getting everything on my list. No doubt I looked like an escaped lunatic with a massive grin plastered across my face but who cares? Not me that’s for sure!

4. Take All the Help You Can Get
Seriously, accept all help offered, don’t be a dick. Yeah you could make dinner tonight but if your Mum’s offering to bring round a lasagne why not accept? Of course you could put a wash on while the baby sleeps but if your Mother in Law is offering to take a load, let her. People want to help you, they want to contribute, they want to make sure you are doing ok so let them.
You could be spending those precious twenty minutes taking a shower or dozing on the sofa or eating a Mars bar on a park bench. Twenty minutes downtime is everything in this game.

5.Buy New Pyjamas
Treat yourself to a few new sets of pyjamas. Pretty ones with butterflys on them preferably! There will be days where this is all you wear so they might as well be cute and comfy! If you’re feeling adventurous add a dressing gown and fluffy slippers to that list!

Anything I missed? What helped you?

5 Ways to Survive the First Weeks of Maternity Leave

4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Survive the First Weeks of Maternity Leave

  • September 11, 2015 at 7:25 pm

    Completely agree with all of these points! What helped me most was having some healthy but easy snacks on hand – but then again I'm a huge comfort eater!! My mum also bought us both flask mugs to make our tea in so that any cups of tea didn't go cold during the time we were dealing with baby. Those were wonderful! #pocolo

  • September 12, 2015 at 10:39 pm

    All of these are great points – I wish I could have done the night-time food shop but being on my own did not make that easy! I have to say that I am so with you on the programmes that keep you going. At the time, mine was Dancing on Ice! Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo x


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