Today I am 29. I’m working today so nothing exciting is happening. We took a day off yesterday with the intention of having a day out but that plan got scuppered by a tiny intruder.
So the day was spent running errands, taking the tiny terrorist to the vet and tidying up the house.
We party hard here.
To be honest I don’t mind, I like the simple. When I get home I’ll get some cards and presents (hopefully!) from my boys. I’ll give Finley a bath, have half a lager and we’ll order a dirty Chinese. Kiddo will go to bed and we’ll watch a movie and drink wine. The new addition will snuggle up on the sofa next to me and I’ll probably be asleep by 11pm!
I guess that sounds boring but its exactly what I want to do on my birthday, with exactly the people I want to spend it with.
 According to Google…
Virgos born on September 4 often display extraordinary bravery in the simple act of living their lives. Though they have common sense, they are natural risk-takers. These unique, independent-thinking people possess a rare sort of charisma, which makes them appealing to everyone they meet.
Sometimes when I’m changing a nappy or mopping up snot I do feel extraordinarily brave.
And it is true I am terribly charismatic,  I smiled at a stranger in Tesco yesterday AND they smiled back.
Also its Beyonce’s birthday today, just one of the many things we have in common !



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